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 W Live 1 S.M. Fashionistas
Well hi thur.

Honestly there's no particular reason why I post this. But well, I just felt like I have to. Because why? Because I love Lee Taemin. Exactly.

Have you guise watch W Live 1 S.M. Fashionistas' clips? SM uploaded around...ok I don't know how many clips they've uploaded [and I guess they'll upload some more later]. I just watched some of the videos and....if you let me...


I watched the 5th clip and oh my Godness I swear I love Taemin even more. His voice got deeper for God's sake! It makes him more sexy and he's so friggin' HOT. AND UGH I LOVE YOU TAEMIN I LOVE YOU I SWEAR I REALLY DO.
And Kai. You. Oh my God. Argh. I love you!!! Rawr. You're so sexy and handsome and gorgeous and I can't even explain these feelings. I hope 'I love you' explains everything. Got it got it? WHAARRRR I LOVE YOU.

Uh-oh!! Don't forget to watch the 2nd clip!! Taemin, Kai, Sehun, Luhan, why you guise have to be so damn handsome? I wanna kiss all of you ;_;

Question of the day: why so many hot guys?

But I think this is more questionable: WHY CAN'T I HAVE ALL OF THEM? 


Oh by the way, here's the links:

Clip 2 - Taemin, Kai, Sehun, and Luhan
Clip 5 - Taemin, Kai, Sehun, and Luhan [yesh bitches, this is what I'm talking about.♥]

Watch this clip too!<3
Clip 7 - Jonghyun, Taemin, Krystal and Sulli [Jjong is so cute! He has his own photo shoot lol. And damn, I want that Instax]
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